3M Luminiscent Safety Walk Tape 690


  • Luminescent “Glow-in-the-Dark” strips help indicate egress paths during power outages and other low-light, low visibility situations
  • For light to heavy shoe-traffic areas
  • Mineral-coated, high friction slip-resistant surface
  • Highly durable surface withstands the rigors of equipment traffic
  • Low-profile design helps reduce trip hazard
  • High performance pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy application
  • Applications: flat surfaces, steps, stairways, entrances, ramps, ladders, lawn equipment, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery and vehicles
  • Custom shapes and sizes are also available
  • NFSI High Traction Certification

This mineral-coated, slip-resistant material features a highly durable and highly visible surface. Photoluminescent strips help to indicate egress paths during power outages and low-light situations.

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip Resistant Tapes and Treads Series 600 has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as providing “high-traction.” A wet static coefficient of friction (SCOF) of greater than 0.60 was chosen by NFSI as the criteria for “high traction” because according to NFSI, floor surfaces maintaining this level of slip resistance when wet have proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by between 50% and 90%.

Luminescent strip

The initial brightness of the luminescent strip is high, then slowly disappears when it is dark. In the image below in the photo, the brightness is after 5 minutes, 1 hour and 4 hours.

3M Safety Walk 690 - Luminescent in dark
3M SafetyWalk Luminescent – after 5min, 1 hour abn 4 hour

Long-Term Test, Durability of Adhesive

Image shows the specimen after 12 months outdoor exposure (with temperatures -15°C to 45°C (on direct sunlight), Weather: Sun, Wind, Snow, Rain )

Without walking on tape.

3M safety walk 690 - specimen after 12 months outdoor
3M Safety Walk 690 Luminescent, Long-Term Test, Durability of Adhesive
Long-Term Test, Durability of Adhesive – The Adhesive degraded

Result after Long-Term test

  • low UV resistance
  • low adhesion (on stainless steel)
  • the adhesive degraded

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